The Scorpion is one of the most disliked pests in Southwest United States, and for good reason. Scorpions can cause devastating problems from even small stings. For this reason, nobody wants scorpions running around their house. Las Vegas’s Bark Scorpion is the most common and is highly venomous scorpion. Bark Scorpions are between 1/4″ – 3″ in size and light tan in color. The venom in this scorpion contains a potent neurotoxin.

Identifying Venomous Scorpions

While not all scorpions are venomous you should use extreme caution when coming into contact with any potentially dangerous insect or pest. The tails of non-venomous scorpions are thinner than their venomous cousins. Thick tailed scorpions have thin pinchers to administer their venom accurately and precisely to their prey.

About Scorpions

Bark scorpions can be easily identified by their two slender claws and a tiny black dot above their stinger. The bark scorpion is nocturnal and is active in Southern Nevada year round, thanks in part to our moderate climate. Female scorpions give birth to live scorpions that stay on her back for a short period of time. To avoid the extreme heat of the daytime, scorpions will shelter in the shade or burrow under ground and come out at night to hunt for food.

Scorpions prefer to ambush prey, and usually feeds on crickets or roaches but will consume all types of insects including other scorpions. Most Scorpions can be found under rocks or in rock crevices, but the Bark Scorpion is one of relatively few species that are able climbers which means it can be found in trees or high on walls. They also can be found inside of peoples dwellings trapped in sinks or bathtubs, climbing walls, or in a dark closet.

If you have scorpions in your home, Greenway Pest Services will provide a scorpion pest control service that will eliminate them by utilizing the latest in technology and make recommendations to provide long term protection.

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