Garlic-Based Mosquito Barrier Now Registered in Canada

Mosquito Barrier, a mosquito repellant whose active ingredient is 100 percent garlic juice, has just been issued with the Canadian Pesticide Registration. This was recently announced by Upper Canada … [Read more...]

The Fight over Urban Rodent Removal

Early last autumn a definition of the term "urban rodent removal" established parameters around the work that the Wildlife Service can and cannot perform when it comes to removal or rodents. As of … [Read more...]

Pest Control Professional or Exterminator

In today's politically correct society it is easy to have multiple names for the same job description. A janitor may be referred to as a waste management and disposal technician, a lifeguard as a wet … [Read more...]

Do it Yourself vs Calling in the Pros

There is a point of pride in accomplishing a job well done. Building something with your own hands can be fun and rewarding. Although, there is a time and place for calling in the professionals. When … [Read more...]

Early Spring Means Early Pest Hatching for Las Vegas

Everywhere you look, Spring is in the air. Throughout the Las Vegas valley we already see bees buzzing around the budding flowers, leaves on our sparse foliage, and people peeling away their … [Read more...]

New Study on Bed Bugs Released

Bed Bugs Thrive in Groups It has been established that particular insects, such as crickets, cockroaches and even grasshoppers, thrive and grow when living in groups. Until recently, research of this … [Read more...]

Cockroaches: Filthy Pests

Cockroaches give most people the creepy crawlies, and are synonymous with filth and disease. As the most common infestation pests throughout America, Las Vegas sees our fair share of this six-legged … [Read more...]

Is an Infestation coming your way?

It may come as no surprise that Las Vegas residents take great comfort in basking in the shade of our sparse trees. As one of the most resilient trees to our desert climate remains to be the Ash tree, … [Read more...]

You Don’t Have To Kill Bugs That Never Come In

Keep Bugs At Bay Using These Tips & Tricks It goes without saying that a bug that never enters your home has no need for eviction. As you may recall in our article "Fearing Insects, the Common … [Read more...]

Fearing Insects, the Common Phobia

Entomophobia, more commonly referred to as insectophobia is a specific phobia of one or classes of insects. While the more specific arachnophobia, fear of spiders, is one of the most common fears, … [Read more...]

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