Keep Pests Away the Natural Way

At Greenway Pest Services we take the natural approach, as much and whenever possible, to ridding homes and businesses of unwanted intruders. Whether you acknowledge them or not, pests live everywhere … [Read more...]

Winning the Fight Against Scorpions

Among the desert pests that will move I once the weather gets cold are scorpions. Here in the Las Vegas valley scorpions are more prevalent than most people want to believe. Because scorpions don't … [Read more...]

What A Mess Pigeons Cause

Regardless of whether you have a home or business in LasVegas, you are probably familiar with the mess pigeons and other birds can cause, to your property. From soiling rooftops to cars, parking lots … [Read more...]

Winter – The Best Front Against Pests

Once the hot weather around the Las Vegas valley starts to disappear, so do most of your pests, right? Wrong. Unlike the flocks of birds migrating south for the winter, pests do not follow the warm … [Read more...]

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