Brown Recluse Spider Bite Kills FL Man

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A bite from a brown recluse spider has led to the death of Ron Reese, a resident of Mulberry, Florida.

According to reports, the spider bit him on the neck and the venom made its way to his vertebrae which eventually paralyzed his body. The complication rose because he didn’t seek medical attention right away.

Polk County Health Department spokesman Scott Calibri said that bites from spiders are commonly non-lethal but this really is subjective. He further explained that Reese’s case is the first fatality related to spider bites in the area.

According to Tennessee Poison Center Executive Director Dr. Dona Seger, the type of spider that bit Reese is reclusive and simply does not want to be around people. She further explained that bites that appear typically clear up eventually.

However, when venom breaks down red blood cells, this becomes systemic which may lead to symptoms like fever and rashes in the first several days.

She advises people who have been bitten by this kind of spider to clean the wound and let it heal on its own. She also warned against using home remedies as these can only result in infections of the wound.


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