Cockroaches: Filthy Pests


Cockroaches give most people the creepy crawlies, and are synonymous with filth and disease. As the most common infestation pests throughout America, Las Vegas sees our fair share of this six-legged pest. Not only do they transmit disease such as the bacteria that causes food poisoning, but are considered to be only second to dust in causing allergies. While the most common cockroach is the German cockroach, the Oriental and American cockroaches are also found in almost every home and business throughout the valley.

Ridding your property of cockroaches might be next to impossible, but with some of these tactics their numbers may be greatly reduced and their presence nonexistent.


Cockroaches thrive where there is an abundance of food, water and warmth, which is probably why they like your home or business so much. Sanitation of your property includes emptying soft drink bottles, removing cardboard boxes, paper bags and newspapers, and always sealing food containers. Past that cleaning up immediately after spills and making food will eliminate their desire to make their way towards your kitchen or pantry.

Keep them Out

It’s common to seal up any cracks and crevices, especially those under doors and windows, to prevent the entry of unwanted pests. Less common are using drain plugs to prevent cockroaches from entering through your drains. A little known fact about cockroaches is that they are capable of holding their breath, under water, for up to half an hour. Because of this, they may survive in your drain pipe for extended periods of time and crawl up them to eat and reproduce. Covering your drains when not in use will ensure that they don’t do this in your home or business.

Drive them Away & Extinguish the Survivors

If you recall from our article “Keep Pests Away the Natural Way” we explained how natural products such as catnip, bay leaves, cucumber and garlic may naturally repel cockroaches. Try using these products when you see the occasional cockroach in or around your property. A store bough insecticide may be used if you see more than just the occasional pest. For infestations, even the cleanest and most sanitary conditions, and most store pesticides won’t curb the invasion. You need professional assistance, and Greenway Pest Services is here for just that. Contact your local pest control service, tell them about your problem and they will begin treatment to rid your home of all the pests that dwell inside, not just the ones you see.

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