Commercial Pest Control


What Are Pests Attracted To

Pests are searching for water, shelter and food, and your building, property and inventory all have pests that want to drink, nest and feed on them. Your office may be In a restaurant you have the added attraction of food

What Pests Mean To You

In an office situation an occasional bug causes a disruption, an infestation could cause employees to complain to local health officials, triggering inspections. Besides from the disruptions caused at work, employees can develop asthma or even Lyme disease, and if you serve food you could potentially make someone gravely ill.

How Greenway Protects You

Safe application of chemicals. Escalating chemicals when necessary. Thorough and consistent application over time. Great Service and responsiveness when there is an issue.

At Greenway Pest Services we offer ongoing commercial services for many different types of business in our community. Regardless of the type of business you own or operate, the technicians at Greenway Pest Services will make sure that it is a pest-free office place. We have the service to fit your Las Vegas business including Restaurants, Food Services, Warehouse, Retail & Office Buildings, Medical Facilities, Government, Apartments and more.

Devoted to working with our commercial clients to help achieve the ultimate pest control protection helps to keep your establishment pest-free. With our extensive experience servicing commercial properties here in Las Vegas, we will provide you with ongoing service for your needs.

Starting with ongoing pest control services, your Greenway Pest Services technician will keep an eye on your pest control needs, curbing them before they get out of hand. By making sure that we monitor your premises, your Greenway technician is more likely to catch an infestation sooner rather than later, making it easier to control and less of an ordeal. We are committed to providing a specialized treatment for your pest control account.

Some commercial business we work with include:

Las Vegas Restaurants & Food Services

Lodging and Hospitality

Medical Facilities Across the Valley

Property Management Companies

Warehouse & Industrial Locations in Clark County

Greater Las Vegas Office & Retail Buildings

Contact Greenway Pest Services for a commercial pest control estimate and see just how affordable your pest services can be.

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