Food and Lodging

What Are Pests Attracted To

Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, motel or other food or lodging business, you have an abundance of food sources that are certain to attract unwelcome visitors.  Also, your establishment is year round and climate controlled and provides excellent shelter.  Regardless of how clean you keep your premises, pests will always be attracted to your business.

What Pests Mean To You

In the food and lodging industry even a single pest can cause an avalanche of negative publicity and once the word gets out, can cause you to lose business. Depending on the location of the pest sighting, a health inspection could quickly ensue. Ultimately, even the smallest pests can cause major impacts to your bottom line.

How Greenway Protects You

At Greenway Pest Services we have strong, effective pest control solutions to keep pests at bay. With routine, monthly pest control services for your food or lodging business, we continue to monitor your pest control problems and increase or decrease the strength of the chemicals we use for your exact pest problems.

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