Food Distribution and Trucks

What Are Pests Attracted To

With the draw of fresh produce, meats, or other edible goodies, it is no wonder that food distribution centers and trucks offer such an attraction for pests of all kinds. Coming in with the produce from the field, trapped in food products, the risk of pests is everywhere.

What Pests Mean To You

Our expectations of cleanliness and sanitation for Las Vegas food distribution centers and trucks are some of the highest in the nation. With the influx of VIP clients and high rollers into the city, patrons demand the best for their premium meals and services. The concentration of purveyors means that restaurants and eateries will choose another vendor for their services, if you don’t maintain the highest standards as well.

How Greenway Protects You

At Greenway Pest Services we offer the safe application of green chemicals, meaning that you are maintaining strict standards for your food and food distribution equipment. By offering a variety of products, with escalating chemicals available to use if necessary, we have exactly the right solutions to make sure that you meet all required standards for pest control solutions.

With thorough and consistent application over time you will see a reduction in pests and they will all but be eliminated from your food distribution center and trucks. And with Greenway’s excellent service and responsiveness when there is an issue you can be sure that it will stay pest-free.

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