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What Are Pests Attracted To

Whether you have a warehouse full of products or manufacturing industrial area, there is no end to what will attract pests to your space. Materials, laborers and even common areas can pose attraction to a variety of pests.

What Pests Mean To You

Depending on your industry, the presence of pests can cause devastation to your entire inventory, ultimately causing financial losses and possibly even loss of contracts with suppliers or clients.

How Greenway Protects You

Safe application of chemicals. Escalating chemicals when necessary. Thorough and consistent application over time. Great Service and responsiveness when there is an issue.

In Las Vegas the first step in protecting your warehouse or building contents and ensure that you are kept pest-free is a thorough assessment. Greenway focuses on any and all potential entry points for insects. We locate structural designs favorable to the entry of pests, and once inside, determine how the building structure facilitates their movement. Whether it’s pedestrian or overhead doors, electrical conduits, HVAC components or plumbing systems, we determine food and water sources and harborage points for insects. Areas where food is stored and disposed of, such as employee break rooms, are given close scrutiny.

For those warehouses that store food and other perishables there are additional complexities. Many types of insects, animals and birds can infest warehouses. Unfortunately, most warehouses and distribution centers, because of their very purpose — the efficient receipt and shipment of merchandise – often have large access routes such as loading docks that remain open for extended periods of time. This wide-open access increases not only the likelihood of insect infestations but animal and bird infestations as well.

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