Dealing with common pests in Las Vegas- Scorpions

There is a wide variety of bugs here in Las Vegas that we live and deal with in our homes in the yard or even at work. But the one critter that gets most people uncomfortable and they worry about the most is the Scorpion. We have 14 different types of Scorpions in the high desert of Southern Nevada but there is only one that can be dangerous which is the Bark Scorpion.

The Bark Scorpion carries enough venom in its body that when it strikes it can put enough venom in your body to seriously hurt or even be life threatening. The life threatening part typically relates to who is stung because of specific circumstances. A small child may not have a strong enough immune system to fight it off or someone can be allergic to the venom just like someone being allergic to bee stings. For most people getting stung by a Scorpion is very much like getting stung by a Bee which is not life threatening.

Scorpions tend to live in the dirt preferably under big rocks in your desert landscaping or a raised garden bed for example anywhere they can be safe and stay cool during the summer heat. Unlike a cockroach that will walk in one day from the back yard to the front yard back thru your house looking for food. A Scorpion will sit and wait for its food (Bugs) to go by which is why it only travels 16 feet a day on average.

So a normal day for a Scorpion is stay in its home during the day and come out to sit very near its home at night. If their food supply never runs short they will never leave that home have babies and they will live there as well. They do not live as a family and will even get in fights with each other but they will tend to live near each other.

For this reason someone can go years and never have a scorpion problem at their home but right next door their neighbors have them. But if that neighbor does something like redo their yard or hire an exterminator this could kill that food supply and now the Scorpion will move. That is the time you could see them in your yard or house for the first time.

There are a few things you can do to help protect your home from the Scorpions coming inside. They normally use the garage, sliding doors and regular hinged doors to enter most homes. So make sure the rubber seals on the bottom of each of these are making good contact to the ground or door threshold. Any small openings on the outside of the house from gas pipes protruding out, vent covers, window sills, eaves, etc.. need to be sealed.

These steps will also help with keeping all bugs and rodents out of your house so take some time and inspect your house. This should be an inexpensive task if you have an in house maintenance person but even hiring someone will be worth it. Spring is right around the corner and if you have this completed you will have a much nicer summer not having critters inside your home.

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