Early Spring Means Early Pest Hatching for Las Vegas

spring bees

Everywhere you look, Spring is in the air. Throughout the Las Vegas valley we already see bees buzzing around the budding flowers, leaves on our sparse foliage, and people peeling away their overcoats. While the signs of Spring are welcome, as temperatures begin to creep up over the next few weeks, other things that come along with Spring may not be as welcome. While pollen and allergies might be the first things that come to many of our minds, pests are generally high on our lists.

This is not referencing the useful ones such as bees, ladybugs, and butterflies that have been buzzing about for the last few weeks. The earliest risers in the insect world tend to be the ants, spiders and cockroaches we all dread seeing. If you continued with your pest control routine throughout the winter months, it is likely that you see far less of them this year. For those home and business owners that did not continue with pest control services throughout the winter you might begin to see these unwanted pests come back in full force.

Resist the Temptation to Spray

Many of our initial reactions to pests is to spray a pesticide directly onto the pests that you see. While this may seem like a logical approach, as it may kill the insects you see, it is somewhat counterproductive. The proper way of fighting the infestation is to locate the source and start there. Unable to find the source? Contact your local pest control service company and the trained technicians will locate it and begin treatments to reduce and eliminate pests all together.

Remove Food Sources

The basic principle of removing food and water sources will likely curb the attraction of pests into your home or business. While it does not actually exterminate the pests it does stop their reason to come inside. The basic instincts of insects are to search for food and water, then for shelter. Without the resources they need to survive they are more likely to leave on their own, or at least stay out of site.

Bring in the Professionals

While it seems advantageous that a pest control company would advocate to have pest services, think about it like this. Pests are starting to hatch, and are therefore young and vulnerable. Having a strong, effective, and proven method of pest control treat the areas they are likely to be susceptible to these pests gives you a leg up on their numbers and growth. Before the weather warms up and all the pests hatch, you have an opportunity to greatly reduce their forces. This opportunity is very short lived, though. We recommend getting pest control services completed in the next two weeks to be fully effective during the hatching period.

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