Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Las Vegas pest control services. For answers to your specific questions call to schedule a visit by a professional pest control technician.

Can Scorpions be Exterminated or Controlled from a Home and Yard?

Greenway Pest Services has been very successful in exterminating scorpions 100% from most of our customer’s homes and at minimum we have reduced it by 80%. In almost every case we can remove them from inside the home. Exterminating scorpions from the yard is much harder and while we have achieved 100% from some locations we will reduce the scorpions’ activity by 80% at the least. In certain areas of the Las Vegas Valley, we must be diligent about removing them from the yard.

Can your Company Actually Help me Keep Pigeons from my Home?

Greenway Pest Service can come up with a plan that will actually keep pigeons from your home. We use many different products that allow us to protect every part of your house whether it is your roof, eaves or yard that the pigeons visit. Most of these products are made to last for many years so the protection will always be there. Many clients ask if putting out fake owls will keep pigeons away. The answer is no. Owls will not deter the devastating damage to a home that these disease carrying birds can cause. Pigeons can cause respiratory problems as well as their fecal droppings can eat away at your home’s structure.

If you have pigeons around your home it is very important that we, at minimum, come out and see if damage is being done to your home. Don’t wait until major and costly damage has been caused by pigeons.

Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional Company?

What a home owner can use for pest service is very limited by the EPA that is available off the shelf from stores like Home Depot. These products will give some results but the strength of the chemical is very limited and the residual protection will drop off very quickly.

A licensed Pest company can purchase products not available to the general public. These products will have a much stronger chemical that will be more effective in the short term and long term. Plus Greenway Pest Service uses the Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) approach to its services that a home owner does not have the knowledge to use.

Why am I Seeing more pest Activity After Treatment?

Depending on the pesticide used, it is common to see an increase in activity following a pest control service. Some materials are actually designed to attract pests because they share it with others in their nest. The increase in activity will subside over time as more pests die from feeding on the bait. Increased pest sightings are also common after a pest control service because the pests are exposed to a product that is an irritant to them.

Is your Monthly Service Guaranteed? Must I Sign a Contract?

Many pest infestations cannot be controlled with a single service, and the best pest control companies will return at no charge to re-treat your home for up to 30 days after the first visit, which is exactly what Greenway Pest Services offers. We do not have contracts; we run the service agreement month to month. All states require some form of professional licensing for pest control companies and their technicians. A current license ensures that each technician is trained and informed about proper application procedures and laws regarding the use of pesticides.

Are your Technicians Licensed and Insured?

All Greenway Pest Control technicians are licensed with the state of Nevada and our company is fully insured.

How Safe are Pest Control Treatments? Will they Harm my Children or Pets? Will they Harm Food or Plants?

Every pest control treatment is different. For example, regular service for roaches or spiders in your home will not require you or your children to leave the property. If a treatment for a pest like fleas was needed, you would be asked to vacate for a short time. The same precautions applied to children will be taken if you have pets. Our inspections and treatments will not harm plants. Plants, however, can be the source of pest problems, especially when they are brought inside or have been imported from a warmer climate. In the kitchen, we simply ask that you keep food covered and put away. However, special preparation may be needed if infestation from food-infesting insects occurs such as flour beetles (fairly rare in the desert) and ants (not rare in the desert).

What Are the Health Risks Associated with Cockroaches?

The health risks associated with Cockroaches can range from gastroenteritis including nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting diarrhea, etc, caused by their fecal material being placed on food, dishes, glasses, etc, to allergic responses such as skin rashes, watery eyes, sneezing, and can even set off asthma attacks in people that have asthma caused by their dead body particles becoming airborne and then being breathed in.

There is no reason to live with cockroaches. We can help rid of them once and for all.

Do Electronic Bug monitoring devices work to Exterminate Bugs?

We have never found a device that works to the point of being useful or worth purchasing. All the testing that has been done on these devices has mixed results. About half the tests say they work and the other half say they do not. But the interesting part is when you look at who is sponsoring the tests that have a positive result, they are the device makers. I would not recommend these devices in place of a regular pest control service but as an add-on they are fine.

The Bedbug situation is getting out of Control in Hotels. What Methods can be used to Help Prevent from Bringing then Home from Hotels when you Stay?

Bed bugs have definitely made a comeback in the last few years and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. With people traveling more these days, it is easy to take bedbugs with you in suitcases as you are leaving a hotel.

I would inspect the hotel room upon check-in for any signs of bed bugs. Leave everything you are bringing like suitcases, bags, boxes, etc. either out in the hall or taken straight to your rooms bathroom and leave their until the inspection is over. Check the mattress, box springs and the bed frame for live insects, blood, or insect fecal matter. Also check around-behind-under any headboard, night stand or chair that is near the bed. Bring a small flashlight that hangs around your keys or stored in a bag to make the inspection easier and more thorough. If you notice any of these, alert the hotel immediately and ask to be moved to another room. You may need to “show” them to the manager of the hotel.

After getting home leave your baggage outside and inspect all baggage before bringing inside. If you find that Bed Bugs have traveled home with you, call us immediately to take care of the situation for you.

Knowing that there are many “Green” efforts being made in our communities, what are the best methods for Pest Control that work?

There are many botanical-based products available now that are great to use in sensitive environments or where people want a “green” option for treatments. Greenway Pest Services uses the botanical-based products, chemically created products and, if needed, the older poisons that are still the most effective. We will use the products our customer requests. If we are making the choice it is always the least toxic in our first attempt at any location to protect the customer and the environment. If necessary, we will use more potent products after that for additional services.

How do I know if I have Rodents?

The most important signs of rodents are burrows, droppings, tracks, runways, gnawing, urine stains, odor, live or dead rodents, nests and rodent-gnawed food. Rodents are more apt to be seen or heard shortly after dark and in the early morning. If Rats are in your attic you may hear scratching noises or louder rumbling noises as they will fight with each other.

The two most common rodents encountered in the Las Vegas area are the Roof rat and the house mouse. Both of these rodents are good jumpers, climbers, swimmers and gnawers. The Roof Rat usually nests outside burrowing in the ground but will live in the attic or walls of buildings. The house mouse usually nests indoors within stored materials, but can also live outside, burrowing in areas around fields and lawns.

If you hear the scratching noise that rats make or see their black pellet droppings, give us a call to come out and inspect. We can absolutely take care of them for you.

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