Garlic-Based Mosquito Barrier Now Registered in Canada

Pest Control

Mosquito Barrier, a mosquito repellant whose active ingredient is 100 percent garlic juice, has just been issued with the Canadian Pesticide Registration.

This was recently announced by Upper Canada Organic Products,  Toronto, Ont., Canada.

 William Anderson, the manufacturer of this product expressed his relief for the accomplishment of the registration process.

“Good for Upper Canada Organic Products and the Canadian government in getting this done.” He added that it is “nice to see the Canadian Government does the right thing by making this available for Canadians.”

This is in light of the recent changes from the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) which made the full registration of all garlic products mandatory.

The product which was first sold in Canada in 2006 is said to be made from the strongest non-GMO garlic available in the market which are pressed to extract the juice. It has less than one percent preservatives coming from corn and citrus.

Mosquito Barrier claims to repel mosquitoes from recreational locations like backyards, parks, and campgrounds.  The brand has a patent both in Canada and in the USA for the method of fending off mosquitoes in outside areas.s of late, it is sold by pest control distributors, garden centers, retailers, and online stores.

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