You Don’t Have To Kill Bugs That Never Come In

Natural Pesticides

Keep Bugs At Bay Using These Tips & Tricks

It goes without saying that a bug that never enters your home has no need for eviction. As you may recall in our article “Fearing Insects, the Common Phobia” we pointed out that fear of bugs, and especially arachnids (Arachnophobia) is one of the most common fears we have. Even people that don’t mind spiders, don’t want them in their homes.

Here at Greenway Pest Services we always try to take the natural approach to ridding the homes and businesses we service of unwanted pests. In this article you will find some natural remedies to keeping spiders away.

Use A Natural Repellent

White vinegar, citrus and peppermint are natural repellents for eight legged intruders. All may be used in similar ways. Fill a spray bottle with a quarter of vinegar, citrus oil or peppermint oil and the other three quarters with water.

Now start spraying the mixture into crevices, cracks, baseboards, windowsills, bookshelves, and corners you see spiderwebs in. You will want to have cleared away any existing spiderwebs. You shouldn’t see any more webs in these areas. But make sure that you reapply every so often. It has even been suggested that the use of citrus scented furniture polish may also keep spiders at bay.

Tobacco works similarly, but unless you are a smoker, the scent may be a deterrent for the human occupants as well. However, it works great for outdoor applications. If you have a shed or other outdoor area where spiders invade, loose tobacco, dipping tobacco or cigarettes may be used soaked in water and spread around the perimeter of the inhabited areas, or even around your entire home. It is more expensive than other natural repellents, but it also lasts a bit longer than some other methods.

Yet More Natural Alternatives

Other suggestions include using cedar in your furniture and even as hangers in your closet, having a feline companion as they hunt and eat spiders, and sealing off entrances such as windowsills, door openings and ventilation leading outside.

All of these natural repellents may keep spiders away, but there is no replacement for professional pest control services, like the ones from Greenway Pest Services. Our safe, natural and effective pest control treatments work to keep all types of pests and nuisance animals away. Contact us for more information about servicing your Las Vegas home or business.

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