Keep Pests Away the Natural Way

Cucumber and Mint

At Greenway Pest Services we take the natural approach, as much and whenever possible, to ridding homes and businesses of unwanted intruders. Whether you acknowledge them or not, pests live everywhere from your air to carpet, walls to ventilation systems, the unwanted invaders are there. While ridding your home of pests can be a near impossible feat, using these tips will make sure that pests are kept at bay.

Make Ants Move Out

If covering sugar and placing honey in a sealed bag, cleaning up and cutting off water supplies don’t work, try a few of these. Use natural deterrents like cucumbers, mint or cloves. Place them where you notice ants in your home or office. Locate the colony and place any of the following at the entrance in a small line; cayenne pepper, citrus oil, lemon juice, coffee grounds, or cinnamon. All of these will create a boundary that ants will not cross. By making their habitat undesirable, the ants will want to move away.

Dust Mites Are Everywhere

These simple solutions can assist with the reduction of your dust mite population. Wash your bedding at 130F or higher and vacuum your mattress, and replace your pillow every 3-6 months. Cover heating ducts with filters capable of catching dust particles smaller than 10 microns. Use tannic acid powder, available from most health food stores, to neutralize the allergens in dust mites and animal dander.

Kick Roaches to the Curb

Try natural repellents such as catnip. Place catnip in small sacks in areas where cockroaches congregate and simmer in hot water to make a spray to be applied to baseboards and behind counters and other hard to reach places. If you have cats try one of these other natural deterrents such as bay leaves, cucumbers or garlic. Use a large mason jar, at least 8 inches in height and place at an angle near entrances with 2 pieces of beer-soaked bread. Once trapped inside the roaches won’t be able to escape, and when the jar is full simply secure the lid and dispose.

If you have a persistent pest problem, reach out to Greenway Pest Services today. We will bring natural and safe pesticides to your Las Vegas home or office and start a regime immediately.

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