New Study on Bed Bugs Released

bedbug in a group

Bed Bugs Thrive in Groups

It has been established that particular insects, such as crickets, cockroaches and even grasshoppers, thrive and grow when living in groups. Until recently, research of this type had not been done on bed bugs. This month the Journal of Medical Entomology published a new study called “Group Living Accelerates Bed Bug Development.” This study uniquely documented the effects of aggregation on bed bug development, and what it found is sure to shock you.

Bed bug nymphs developed faster by 2.2 days when living in a group as opposed to living in solitary. This increase is the equivalent to 7.3% faster than bed bugs that were alone. Now that this increase has been established, researchers are on their way of determining why there is such an increase.

In addition to the nymphs developing and growing faster, it was also determined that grouping of bed bugs were constant regardless of the age of the individuals within the group. Furthermore, the lack of senior generations did not effect the rate of growth. The resulting conclusion was frightening. The presence of groups of bed bugs contributes to their growth and undeniable infestations.

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