Pest Control Professional or Exterminator

pest control vs exterminator

In today’s politically correct society it is easy to have multiple names for the same job description. A janitor may be referred to as a waste management and disposal technician, a lifeguard as a wet leisure assistant, or a librarian as an information adviser. In the world of insect removal a company may be called either a pest control service or an exterminator, but are these terms considered equal? Not really.

What is an Exterminator?

An exterminator is the man you call when you have a major infestation. They will take a deep look at your insect or animal problem and take active measures to remove the animals or insects. This is most typically seen in the Las Vegas valley when you look for a way to remove the swarm of bees in your wall or the pigeons from your attic. Just because they are called exterminators, a word synonymous with an eradicator or terminator, they may also relocate certain species of animals to their more natural habitat, especially when those species are protected or endangered.

What is a Pest Control Professional?

Pest control professionals are more often called upon to make sure that an infestation never takes place in your home or business. They come and perform monthly services and continually monitor your pest situation. Should you have a sudden rise in insect or pest population your pest control professional will make sure to take measures in reducing or eliminating that population from your property. They can also be called out to serve as an exterminator, but tend to offer service on a frequent basis to ensure that you never have a problem get out of control.

Both a pest control professional and an exterminator rid your home of unwanted guests, but exterminators are often associated with single need and pest control services are considered ongoing treatment services.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact the pest control professionals at Greenway to learn more about what services we provide and how we can make sure you never see an infestation in your home or office again.

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