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Our approach to all the Las Vega pest control services is an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach, taking the complete environment into consideration. Safety for our customers and employees is paramount. Through our relentless training on pest ID, insect biology, treatment methods, and safety we feel we offer the very best pest control service available.

The Highest Quality Service Available

At Greenway, we respect your time and your business.  That’s why we are prompt when keeping an appointment and when returning calls or emails.  We are thorough in our work and make sure we do a complete job every time.  If and when a pest is persistent, Greenway is even more persistent in ridding your home or business from critters.  We do not have contracts for our clients; we just do the best job possible to continually earn your business.

  • Flexible Service Plan Schedules and Pricing
  • “One Shot” Service Trips

Organic Pest Control Services

We always use the least invasive treatments needed to do the job.  Many of our solutions are completely organic and work in many applications.   Our solutions are safe for adults, children, pets, plants and food.

We provide safe, effective pest control services by experienced service technicians familiar with all of the critters that inhabit Las Vegas.

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Many companies price by the square foot.  That ignores the fact that service you need varies based on your location and exposures to pests.  We adjust our approach for you.   When we give you a quote, we assess your current pest levels and exposures and identify ALL of the pests that are present.

Whether you need help with a onetime pest control problem or would like to set up a routine pest control service, we will work with you to create a customized pest control plan to get rid of desert pests inside and outside of your Las Vegas home all year long.

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