Summer Pest Control

Make your Las Vegas summer more enjoyable by uninviting pests to your party. While some pests seem to disappear during the hottest months of the year, others seem to become more prevalent. The reason being that pests love warmer temperatures, and if you have moisture such as a pool, lawn or other water source, you are likely to attract crawling visitors.

Las Vegas and Southern Nevada brings in more than just tourists on the strip, we attract visitors of all kinds such as flies, cockroaches, spiders, bees and wasps. In some areas rodents become more prevalent as they climb out of the washes and other water systems in search of refuge from the summer heat.

Keep Your Exterior Property Pest Free

Any good pest control regime begins outside of your home or office building, and should encompass not just the exterior of your building structure, but the entire property. Make sure to eliminate any standing water or other food sources, remove anything that can be used as a habitat including keeping shrubs and bushes trimmed and palm trees shaved down. Walk your property and look at it from the outside to see if there is anything that might particularly attract unwanted pests.

Deter Insects from Your Building Exterior

Keeping plants from growing over your home or business structure will keep pests off as well. Make sure to keep moisture away from your building exterior by ventilating the soil within a few feet of your structure as well. Sticking with the Southern Nevada Water Authority watering schedule is an easy way to make sure that you are not over watering, and creating a potential breeding ground for bugs. Inspect your structure for cracks or homes in the exterior where insects can make their way inside, and repair them quickly.

How to Keep Pests out of your Home

Make sure unwanted visitors stay outside by keeping your doors and windows shut, or screened off when open as much as possible. Clean your kitchen and food preparation areas clean and food in sealed containers. Vacuum your carpets and sweep your floors at least once a week to ensure that pests don’t have any other attraction than your air conditioning to your interior.

No matter how well you accomplish all of these items, pests may still find their way inside your home or business during the hot summer months. The best way to ensure that they stay at bay is with routine pest service. Having an expert pest control company like Greenway Pest Control perform routine extermination services on your Las Vegas home or business will continue to keep them away, through any season of the year.

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