Winning the Fight Against Scorpions

bark scorpion

Among the desert pests that will move I once the weather gets cold are scorpions. Here in the Las Vegas valley scorpions are more prevalent than most people want to believe. Because scorpions don’t leave evidence if their presence unless one is actually sighted, they can live in the walks if your home undetected for long periods of time.

With over 1,200 different scorpion species around the world the venomous pests can cause a large number of safety and health concerns. The species of scorpions here in the Las Vegas valley range from less venomous to one of the most venomous and dreaded bark scorpions.

If you encounter a scorpion make sure that you keep a safe distance and contact a scorpion control expert like Greenway Pest Services. Our professional technicians will make sure to complete a thorough search of your premises and identify any scorpion species on your property. As part of the arachnid family, scorpions prefer dark spaces during the daytime, and come out during evening hours in hunt of food and water. To eliminate the desire for food and shelter scorpions seek in your dwelling here are some helpful tips.

First, remove any food and water sources and make sure to seal your home or business to eliminate entry. In the dry desert climate we have here in Las Vegas it is likely that scorpions are entering your home in search of water. Refrain from allowing water to stand in puddles or containers near your property exteriors.

Next, rid your premises of insects. As scorpions feed on other insects, such as cockroaches and ants, it is best to rid your property of them. While ensuring that crumbs and other insect food sources are cleaned from your home may help to keep populations down on your home interior, nothing is a match for a professional strength pesticide like the ones used by Greenway. Our green solutions can assist you in making sure that your insect  population is under control both indoors and out.

Finally, seal your home so that scorpions can not enter. A scorpion may be able to slip through an opening thin enough for a credit card, and other insects and pests may be able to slip into openings much smaller. To secure your indoor areas from invaders use caulking to fill in the holes and cracks in walls, baseboards and even the foundation. Make sure to check that all windows close tightly and securely and that screens don’t have any rips or tears. If there is air escaping under your doorway, a door seal can prevent scorpions from entry here as well.

Remember that help is just a phone call away. Contact Greenway Pest Services at the first sign of a scorpion in or around your property and our professional technicians will ensure to take measures to keep your home or business scorpion free.

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