You Will Never Be Bothered By Pigeons Again!

Las Vegas is in a unique geographic location that makes it an oasis for rodents, pests and insects of all kinds. One of the most problematic of those pests is pigeons.

In fact, in the Las Vegas valley most buildings, both residential and commercial, are affected by pigeons. Pigeons are dirty animals (some even call them “rats with wings”) that are a nuisance at best. Their presence can lead to health issues and coming into contact with their droppings is not only disgusting but potentially dangerous to your health.

We’ve all seen pigeon droppings, but have you ever considered that those droppings can cause serious issues to your health?

At Greenway Pest Services, we make it our business to study the behavior of pigeons to find safe, environmentally conscious ways to remove them from your home or business and we have learned about two pigeon activities you should look for when you need our services.

One activity is perching. This is when Pigeons are sitting on the edge of a wall. They also perch on the peak or edge of a roof. When perching, pigeons are watching and waiting for an opportunity to eat.

The other activity is nesting. This is, obviously, when pigeons build a nest. But in Las Vegas this can be a particular challenge.


Las Vegas is a desert town that is unbearably hot for months on end. Every building has an air conditioning system and pigeons love to nest in and around A/C units. They also love openings around eaves or your roof overhang.

The droppings that come from either of these activities can lead to respiratory issues for you. When the droppings get blown into the wind, the diseases they carry are airborne, leading to serious issues for some people. And that’s to say nothing of the diseases pigeons carry on their body…we’ve said it before and will say it again, pigeons are dirty animals that aren’t just a nuisance, but are dangerous to the health of you and your family.

Greenway has solutions for the pigeon problems in Las Vegas. No matter what type of building or house, no matter what type of roof or area that needs to be protected, we have the systems in place to handle the challenge.

We work efficiently, quickly and with as little change to your routine as possible and our experience means that our work will fit, aesthetically, with your structure.

We will cover and protect the area that the pigeons have occupied and we can even clean up the droppings in the area at your request. And because we use only top materials, our work will last for years and years.

Call Greenway at 702-834-9191 for a Free Consultation about your pigeon problem today. We will work with you to develop the most efficient plan to remove these dangerous pests from your property on your schedule because Greenway Pest Services offers the highest quality service at down to earth prices.

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David Walker is the President of Greenway Pest Control. He is an expert in residential and commercial pest control.
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