Pigeon control is an absolute necessity for Las Vegas homeowners, business owners, and tenants. Every year owners in Las Vegas invest a lot of money and time in cleaning and restoring their homes or businesses from birds roasting and nesting.

Pigeons Damage

Pigeons can damage your home, your structure, and your health. Birds not only cause unsightly messes, they can also damage structures and introduce hazards to human health since they carry a variety of diseases. Effective pigeon control measures should be taken to eliminate pigeons from nesting on your property. From destroying your newly washed automobile to transmitting diseases like salmonellas, cryptococcosis and pigeon ornithosis, make sure that you contact a qualified pigeon control expert to remove your pigeon problem, and keep it gone.

Greenway uses only modern pest control methods that safely discourage them from entering premises where they’re not welcome. The following methods offer safe means of removal and humane, environmentally friendly ways of deterring birds from making their home in unwanted places. Spikes, Netting, Wires, Coils, electrified tracks are cost-efficient options that effectively deter birds from landing on ledges and overhangs to nest and create health hazards. We use these and a variety of other products to eliminate roasting and nesting of nuisance birds.

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