Regardless of the pest control problem you face in your home or commercial business, Greenway Pest Services can eliminate your pests and keep it that way. Whether you have occasional cockroach ants or spiders or have a major infestation to contain, our pest control services are always right for the level of service you need.

Scheduled Pest Services

Our scheduled pest services kill the most common pests including ants, cockroaches, spiders, crickets, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, beetles, earwigs, leaf-footed bugs, sow bugs, slugs, army cutworms, boxelder bugs, clover mites, false chinch bugs, ticks, fleas and even booklice. With frequent application of pest control products, like the ones Greenway Pest Services uses, you can be sure to keep your home or business free of pests all year.

Ants are a constant source of  irritation especially the Argentine Ant here in the Las Vegas valley. While they can cause destruction indoors or out, extermination is possible only if our pest control service finds the main nest and destroys it. Destroying the nest ensures that the ants won’t regroup and return.

Another pest that is difficult to control is the cockroach. Regardless of the time of year, cockroaches can surround your home on the outside, seeking entrance whenever and wherever they have a chance. They can also go into hiding and live without food and water for a very long time. The best way to keep roaches out is by keeping your house clean. But once they infest your home, roaches are difficult to get rid of without professional help.

Spiders are one of the most feared home invaders. There are more phobias about spiders than any other pest, and understandably so. If you get bitten by the wrong spider – a black widow or a brown recluse – and you have a bad reaction to the venom, you can end up in the hospital. Although all spiders use venom when they bite and kill their prey, the black widow and the brown recluse spiders are the only Las Vegas species consistently dangerous to humans. Under most conditions outdoors spiders are considered beneficial because they feed on insects. However they are undesirable to most homeowners when indoors and the unsightly webbing spiders use to catch insects usually outweigh this beneficial behavior.

Ongoing Services for your Ongoing Pest Control Needs

Your need for a pest-free home or business is ongoing, and at Greenway, our services are ongoing too. The threat of unwanted pests invading your home will continue to be there, make sure that you protect your Las Vegas home from these visitors and keep them away.

A significant part of Las Vegas pest control service’s business is the bugs that swarm in spring and fall. They can interfere with your comfort at home or with your gardening pests they can grow in numbers very quickly, so it’s a good idea to call us as soon as possible.

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