Senior Care Facilities

What Are Pests Attracted To

Senior care facilities are assumed to be a place of cleanliness and sanitation. Regardless of the efforts you take to keep your Las Vegas retirement community or senior care facility free of pests, they are constantly attracted to food service areas, patient rooms and medical areas. These unwanted pests are in search of food, shelter and water, and your offer all of the above.

What Pests Mean To You

In senior care facilities, the presence of a pest can cause patient’s and their families to choose other providers and cause negative reviews. Continued exposure to pests for senior residents may be detrimental to their health and cause decline. The presence of pests even around the vicinity of your Las Vegas facility could cause patients to become concerned.

How Greenway Protects You

Safe application of chemicals. Escalating chemicals when necessary. Thorough and consistent application over time. Great Service and responsiveness when there is an issue.

Senior care facilities have unique and complex business environments. Depending on whether your facility offers independent living, hospice, or complete senior care programs, having a pest-free community will ensure that you have a full occupancy.

With our regular inspections of insect monitors, light traps, pheromone traps, rodent control devices and out of the way areas will insure the highest level of any pest control service.

Here in Las Vegas Greenway Pest Service’s focused inspections of exterior perimeters, resident areas, kitchens, dumpster areas, common areas, doorways, laundry rooms, office space and food carts helps to detect problems before they become a major issue. Our healthcare and senior care programs are designed with an Integrated Pest Management approach and adhere to the highest standards. We establish pest-free environments without contaminating sensitive areas.

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