What Are Pests Attracted To

Your Las Vegas hotel is a haven for unwanted pests. From ice and vending machines to breakfast areas and kitchens, your hotel offers a great climate for pests to enter and nest inside.

What Pests Mean To You

With recent publicity surrounding the insurgence of bedbug populations your Las Vegas hotel guest is more aware of the potential threats pests in your hotel may cause them. Bedbugs aren’t the only unwanted guests found in hotels, you may find a colony of ants, swarm of bees or even termites on your hotel property. All of these pests could potentially cause devastating results and threaten the longevity of your Las Vegas hotel property.

How Greenway Protects You

Safe application of chemicals.  Escalating chemicals when necessary.  Thorough and consistent application over time.  Great Service and responsiveness when there is an issue.

In Las Vegas we thrive on the lodging and hospitality industry. With more visitors coming in year after year we know all too well what your hotel’s reputation means to your ongoing success. One bad experience for a customer can translate into a huge loss in profits. Visiting guests won’t return if their rooms have pests, such as ants, mice, or worse, bed bugs. Insect and rodent pest control is of the highest importance in these settings as word of mouth is often how businesses receive and lose business opportunities. Don’t let insects like roaches or bedbugs take over your Las Vegas hotel or hospitality venue.

Greenway Pest Services has effective pest control services designed to meet all the highest standards and needs of the lodging and hospitality industry here in Las Vegas. The world looks to our town when they refer to hotels, make sure that yours continues to be a shining example. Even the smallest insect or rodent problem can cause major devastation. Allow our experienced pest control specialists to evaluate your property and start on your plan to remain pest-free. We will custom tailor a pest control regime to remove any pests you have living in your structure today, and will continue with your plan to keep it that way.

As a local Las Vegas extermination company, Greenway Pest Services has the experience you need to rid any room, floor or building of a small problem up to even the worst bedbug infestations. With such effective pest removal, highest standards and reasonable rates, you will certainly understand why Greenway Pest Services is exactly the company your business needs.

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