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What Are Pests Attracted To

Most office managers and building owners don’t consider their Las Vegas business office to be a haven for unwanted pests. Truth is, even an open canister of sugar in your breakroom could call pests from the surrounding area to flood your office building.

What Pests Mean To You

Pests can cause an unproductive office and in some cases can even cause employees to find employment elsewhere if a pest infestation occurs in your Las Vegas office. For guests visiting your office the sight of a pest could potentially lose new business.

How Greenway Protects You

Safe application of chemicals.  Escalating chemicals when necessary.  Thorough and consistent application over time.  Great Service and responsiveness when there is an issue.

Constant deliveries and heavy foot traffic in and out of buildings lead to doors being opened for extended periods of time. These open doors provide an open invitation to pests looking for a new home. Your problems can also stem from other reasons like your space layout, maintenance or sanitation practices, grounds maintenance. Pest problems can take hold anytime goods and people are flowing through your premises.

Retailers you know your success stems from the service you provide along with the consumer’s retail experience. This experience starts the moment they step into your business and ends when they leave. This experience can be seriously damaged if the customers see bugs, pests or rodents.

At Greenway we will create a specific pest control service to eliminate your problems but not have anyone aware we are on the job. Safe products, superior service at a reasonable rate is what we deliver here in Las Vegas.

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