Convenience Stores

What Are Pests Attracted To

Your Las Vegas convenience store or gas station may have a variety of pest problem areas. From garage and waste areas to kitchens and bathrooms, pests are constantly attempting to inundate your structure, inventory and common areas. Even the cleanliest of convenience stores may have pest control issues.

What Pests Mean To You

Pests at your convenience store can cause negative reviews, a bad reputation, decrease in business and even inspections from sanitation authorities. An infestation could cause closure of your convenience store and your gas station pumps to run dry. In Las Vegas, we have high standards for businesses and sanitation is high on the list.

How Greenway Protects You

Greenway Pest Control offers green pest control products that are not only environmentally friendly but also effective at removing the pest population already thriving in the conditions your convenience store supplies. Should in increase in pests ever occur we offer an escalation of chemicals to thoroughly halt an invasion.

With our routine maintenance programs we can spot pest problems before they happen. Our pest control technicians are experienced and trusted professional with the knowledge to advise you on problems before they result into infestations.  Should you ever have an issue just contact our office and receive the personal attention your pest problem deserves.

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