Surgical Centers

What Are Pests Attracted To

Surgical centers are assumed to be a place of sanitation and cleanliness. Regardless of the efforts you take to keep your Las Vegas surgical center free of pests, they are constantly attracted to the fluids, bacterias, and even the cafe can all draw the attention of these unwanted pests. Pests are in search of food, shelter and water, and your surgical center offers all of the above.

What Pests Mean To You

In surgical centers, and especially no tolerance zones such as operating rooms, the presence of a pest can ultimately lead to the closure. The presence of a pest in your waiting room can cause patients to schedule procedures elsewhere, doctors to choose not to use your facility, and staff to look elsewhere for employment. Even the presence of pests around the vicinity of your Las Vegas surgical center could deter patients.

How Greenway Protects You

Safe application of chemicals.  Escalating chemicals when necessary.  Thorough and consistent application over time.  Great Service and responsiveness when there is an issue.

Health care facilities have unique and complex business environments. With the regulations and industry requirements, Las Vegas health care facilities have specific needs when it comes to pest control problems. Your medical facility is required to maintain a pest-free environment for your patient’s safety and well-being. The regular inspections of insect monitors, light traps, pheromone traps, rodent control devices and out of the way areas will insure the highest level of any pest control service.

Most facilities take advantage of our regularly scheduled treatments of drains with industrial drain cleaners that contain enzymes that eat away organic matter on the inside of kitchen drains. This is the place where many fly problems originate and become a nuisance; regular pest control service of drains will help to prevent flies from breeding in the drains.

Special care and consideration are given to zero tolerance areas such as a surgery center and other areas that require a higher intensity of pest control service. Frequency and methodologies are tailored to the specific needs and conditions of each area and may change from time to time to ensure the best results for the lowest possible price.

Here in Las Vegas Greenway Pest Service’s focused inspections of exterior perimeters, resident areas, kitchens, dumpster areas, common areas, doorways, laundry rooms, office space and food carts helps to detect problems before they become a major issue. Our healthcare programs are designed with an Integrated Pest Management approach and adhere to the highest standards. We establish pest-free environments without contaminating sensitive areas.

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