Rodents pose a serious threat to structures, materials, clothes, documents and electrical wiring, not to mention your health. Common rodents such as rats and mice endanger your health and well-being by carrying diseases and creating unsanitary conditions. Rats and mice can make their way into your property through a variety of small holes and cracks such as pipe penetrations and under doors.

While there is a common misconception that rats and mice are nocturnal they can be active during any time of the day or night. They prefer to live in your nice warm home, but will live almost anywhere. Strong acrobats they can jump up to 3 feet and drop up to 50″ without serious injury. Great climbers rats and mice can get into any part of your home, walls, attic and more. The main domestic rodents found in Las Vegas are the House Mouse, White-Footed Mouse and the Roof Rat.

At Greenway Pest Control we will thoroughly inspect your property to recommend appropriate pest control solutions based on your needs and the extent of infestation. Then apply appropriate treatment with the latest equipment an innovative materials. We will also identify and recommend sealing up all potential points of entry as an additional measure for long-term control.

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