Bee infestations can cause costly structural damage, can be really dangerous and even life-threatening to people. Bees, especially Africanized or Killer bees, are aggressive and quick to act at the slightest provocation. Their territory can spread a mile from the location of the hive, and any invasion inside this marked territory can trigger an attack.

March and April mark the beginning of bee swarming season and bees can occasionally be seen moving from place to place. In the Las Vegas valley these swarms of bees may be seen resting from the hot sun often in trees, on street signs, fences or other unusual places. It is always suggested to avoid any bee swarms and to allow them to rest. They will most likely pass by without incident as they are neither producing honey or caring for young, as long as you don’t provoke them.

It is when bees hive that danger looms and if this happens to your home the process of controlling these bees can be extremely complicated and requires a lot of effort.

Removal of Hived Bees*

Control the Bees:The honeybees have to first be controlled, then the entire beehive has to be located and removed which may require opening up areas such as walls.

Cleanse the Area: After beehive removal, infested areas have to be thoroughly cleansed to remove all traces of bee pheromones. By cleaning the area it will help to avoid future hive building in the same spot.

*Please note that this is not a “Do it Yourself” project. Bees can be very dangerous and encounters can end with fatal consequences. If you see bees building hives in your home or other structure, contact Greenway Pest Service. We provide a full range of bee control from controlling individual bees to complete hive removal and sealing of all entry points for long-term control. After a thorough onsite inspection, we’ll help you get rid of these flying pests and nests for good. Extraction methods vary widely depending on where the colony is situated , how long they have been there, and the building materials involved.

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