Spring Pest Services

Spring in Las Vegas is quite different from anywhere else. It can means days of nonstop wind, temperature swings from mid 70’s to the 100’s, and the blooming of practically every plant in the valley. Along with the weather changes comes the reawakening of all the animals and pests that were absent for much of the winter. At Greenway Pest Control we recommend service all year round, but if you took a break for those few short winter months, here are some of the reasons to get your pest control service started up again now that it’s spring.

Ants Will Lead the Way

Notorious for being the first pests to reappear in your home or office once the weather warms up. You may have thought that they were gone, since they all but disappeared over the winter, but if you had any amount of them before winter arrived, you are sure to see them in droves once it warms up. Prevention is key to keeping their colony at reduced or non-existent sizes.

They Come From the Air

Winged and flying insects are sure to pick up with the temperature as well. Bees and wasps are common pests to see during the spring, busy building new colonies and collecting the pollen that is starting to collect in the blooming plants around the valley. Great as long as they stay outdoors and in small numbers. If you feel that there is an air raid when you walk outside of your home, contact Greenway Pest Control to make sure you, your business and your family remain sting-free this spring.

Crickets, Spiders and Beetles

As these populations begin to boom around the valley, you will likely hear more crickets at night, see more spiderwebs around your home, and even see the remnants of a few other bugs around your property. If you are seeing more than usual, finding them inside your home, or seeing venomous pests, particularly brown recluse or black widow spiders, contact your Greenway Pest Control technicians immediately. The best way to eliminate an invasion is to get it before it gets out of control.

There is no doubt that as spring approaches the flowers and heat bring back more than outdoor activities and bird, for the pests you don’t want to see this spring, make sure to contact your Greenway Pest Control technician today. We can easily rid your home or office of these pests before an invasion turns into an infestation.

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