What A Mess Pigeons Cause

Regardless of whether you have a home or business in LasVegas, you are probably familiar with the mess pigeons and other birds can cause, to your property. From soiling rooftops to cars, parking lots and outdoor eating areas, pigeons are a major nuisance that you don’t have to tolerate or live with.

The fecal matter is not only unsightly, but also contains unhealthy bacteria that can cause major health problems if ingested. It is no surprise to us here at Greenway Pest Services that the presence of pigeons can cause homeowners and business owners to take action.

Even a single mating pair of pigeons can quickly multiply into an entire pigeon family. Since baby pigeons are naturally attracted to the scent of their mother’s fecal droppings, if left alone pigeons will remain in their nesting areas for their entire lives.

As if the droppings from pigeons weren’t hazardous enough, the pigeons themselves carry with them ticks, mites and fleas that can carry disease from the pigeons to your home or business interior.

If you ever questioned just how big the pigeon problem has become, the large number of home remedies to deter pigeons should be an indication. From spikes to cages, the long list of do-it-yourself remedies is only sure to rid you of two thing; time and money. They rarely work for long and are almost never permanent solutions.

Pigeons are well known for causing roof leaks due to large accumulation of droppings. This accumulation of droppings can cause your roof materials to rot away or even hold rainwater on your roof for extended periods of time, until the water finds a way into your roof. Don’t wait until your home or business suffers the consequences of the pigeons that roost over you. Inside and out pigeons cause a wide array of problems that can have an effect on sanitary conditions and the ongoing health of your family, patrons and coworkers.

To control your Las Vegas pigeon problem contact the professional technicians at Greenway Pest Services and start the process of eliminating pigeons today.

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