Winter – The Best Front Against Pests

Once the hot weather around the Las Vegas valley starts to disappear, so do most of your pests, right? Wrong. Unlike the flocks of birds migrating south for the winter, pests do not follow the warm weather.

Where Do Pests Go During Winter
Some flying bugs and insects such as the monarch butterfly do migrate for the long cold winter, but every insect species has their own way of dealing with cold weather. Most insects remain local, move into the warm walls or attic of your home, lay their next generation, and go dormant for the winter. The variety of tactics employed by the insects that will resurface during the spring months are as wide as the variety of insects themselves.

Bugs like the box elder or ladybug simply move into the warm crevices of your building and stay out of the way. What do they do there? They lay in wait for warmer weather. Many bugs tough out the cold winter months in immature stages such as eggs, larvae, or pupae. The sure signs of colder weather trigger many of the common Las Vegas insects to prepare their offspring in these ways.

Often homeowners stop seeing pests during the cold winter months, except during the occasional midwinter thaw. Due to the lack of visible bugs in the winter, many homeowners and business owners alike tend to believe that they can save a few dollars and discontinue pest control treatments. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the winter months of pest control are among the most crucial. Pest control services while insects lay dormant or in immature states can help you get ahead of your pest problems and may greatly reduce the number of bugs you actually have living with you come spring.

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